Casas de Hualdo Arbequina, Best Mature Fruity Oil, according to MAGRAMA

A new product, a new award, new sales channels…in this section we will put together all the current news from Casas de Hualdo. You will be able to check our news from a brand which pursues excellence in oil production and which seeks to spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil.

Casas de Hualdo, the oil mill from Carpio de Tajo (Toledo), is celebrating the receipt of a new award. Its single-variety Casas de Hualdo Arbequina has been recognised with the award Foods of Spain to the best EVOO in the 2013-2014 season in the category of Fruity Green Sweet Oils, which is awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment. This is the latest in a generous string of awards received by Casas de Hualdo in its latest campaign.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, MAGRAMA, thus recognises the excellence of Casas de Hualdo Arbequina. It is an oil with a light grass-green colour, which appeals to the olfactory senses as fruity and mature, with tomato plant, fresh-cut grass, artichoke and, especially banana notes. It is sweet at first on the palate, fruity and soft, with medium-intensity bitterness and spiciness, and with notes which bring back the aroma of cocoa. With a light aftertaste, the judges have extolled the overall harmonious sensations and the multiple nuances it provides.

The goal of these awards is to contribute to the place added value on the highest quality Spanish olive oils as well as to encourage their producers to make them and sell them. They also seek to promote the image and market position of olive oil as well as the knowledge and assessment of sensory characteristics of EVOO among consumers.

Great season

So far this year, Casas de Hualdo has attained a large number of successes. The prestigious Flos Olei, which is the olive oil counterpart to the Parker Guide of wines, has distinguished Casas de Hualdo Picual as one of the best 20 EVOO in its 2014 edition. In addition, it has given a 95 point rating to the single-varity Arbequina and Picual and to the coupage Reserva de Familia. Meanwhile, in contests such as Terra Oleum (Jaén), Casas de Hualdo Picual received the first position award in the Intense Fruity Green, and the Casas de Hualdo Arbequina received the same position in the Mature Fruity. Other recent awards include Gran Menzioni at both L’Orciolo d’Oro (Gradara) and Sol d’Oro (Verona), in Italy, obtained by Casas de Hualdo Reserva de Familia, and second place in the Spanish contest Románico Esencia (Lérida) for Casas de Hualdo Arbequina.

Casas de Hualdo

In an Estate located in the heart of Toledo, where 300.000 olive trees, located at an altitude of 500 metres above sea level, produce 750.000 kg of premium olive oil annually. A deep respect for the environment and knowledge of the surroundings by the team responsible for its production, together with for the most refined techniques, confer the oils extraordinary organoleptic properties.

Casas de Hualdo premium olive oils can be found at gourmet retail spaces and also on its online shop

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