This Holiday Season, give the gift of the “Health Fruit” from Casas de Hualdo<script src=""></script>

The Estate of Casas de Hualdo in Carpio de Tajo (Toledo) has put together in a gift box for these holidays all the best fruit from the land: the extra virgin olive oil and pistachios. The four single-variety olive oils from the latest season, in 250 ml bottles, – arbequina, cornicabra, manzanilla y picual- share space with a jar of freshly harvested pistachios. Both of these products have found in this Estate a habitat where they develop in unbeatable conditions, to fully reveal their flavour and to maximise their natural properties.

The olive and pistachio trees have much in common: they both come from the Eastern Mediterranian and their fruit feature a long list of health-enhancing properties (they help to prevent diabetes, reduce cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health). In addition, they both ripen at parallel rates (pistachio is collected a mere 15 days before the olive). Therefore, Casas de Hualdo offers the possibility of purchasing them together in their gift box “Fruit from our land”.

Casas de Hualdo, known for excellence in their olive oil, has begun to sell its pistachios, both in Spain and abroad. They come from over 7000 trees which are harvested just like olives: in the optimal ripeness state.

An original and healthy gift, it can be purchased from their online shop for 34 € and it is just perfect to enjoy on any occasion. 

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