At Casas de Hualdo there is just one principle guiding our work: to seek excellence. From the field to the oil mill, the team devote themselves to the care of the olive trees so that the olives reach the consumers transformed into elegant oils that enshrine all the aroma and flavour of each olive. Unique oils, excellent oils, unrepeatable oils.

Cuidado del olivarOlive grove

The essence

At Casas de Hualdo we carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the cultivations throughout the year: we control their growth, their health, the use of the soil, and all the development stages of the fruit. We use the latest cultivation techniques such as monitored drip irrigation or fertirrigation. Despite the large area of the olive grove, we make sure to know the state of each plot, so that we can obtain the best from our olive trees.  

Cosecha en Casas de HualdoThe harvest


By tracking the ripening process, and thanks to continuous observation and the acquired experience, we decide when the best time to harvest different varietals and species of olive tree is. Harvesting takes place between the months of October and November. Early harvesting entails a significant decrease in our production yields, in turn allowing us to obtain much more fragrant and expressive oils, which show the potential of our land..

Conservación del aceite en Casas de HualdoThe Oil Mill


All of the processes, from the reception yard to the bottling, feature the latest technology and have been carefully designed to extract the best from the fruit. The location of the oil mill, by the crops, is a guarantee that the olives will reach the milling process alive. To prevent damage, the olives are processed within six hours of the recollection. During the extraction process the temperature is kept under 25ºC in order to prevent the loss of the most volatile components and aromas.  

producción casas de hualdoProduct

Seeking a balance

The generosity of the soil on our Estate enables us to choose the maturity stage of each olive to obtain complex and balanced oils: featuring significant antioxidant properties while with a marked aroma and flavour to conquer the palate of the consumers. The oil guru is the person in charge of helping the mill master to extol the virtues of the oil. 

Bodega casas de hualdoCellar


At Casas de Hualdo we practically bottle on request, enabling us to keep the oil under the best conservation conditions. The oil is stored in inerted stainless steel deposits, at a temperature between 16 and 19ºC, fully preserving its properties. .


Conquering the consumer

With each harvest we produce 700.000 litres of Premium olive oil exclusively from our olive groves, thus guaranteeing the quality and traceability of the EVOO. A valuable product that reaches consumers with the help of our sales department at gourmet retail spaces, through our Web site, or by opening up new markets abroad.

Casas de Hualdo internacionalOutward projection

Spreading a culture

The commitment to the foreign market has made Casas de Hualdo grow to almost double exports every year. We export extra virgin oil to 27 countries in four continents: Asia, Europe, America and Australia, where we not only sell our products but also spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil.