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Casas de Hualdo, the olive oil mill from Carpio de Tajo (Toledo) launches a Web site to reinforce its position in foreign markets, promoting the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and to sell its products. From, shipments of olive oil from this company, which has received several of the most important awards in the […]
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We respect

Our Estate, located in a privileged natural enclave, houses a variety of cultivations as well as wild plants and animals. Part of what is produced in the Estate remains there, helping to preserve a natural balance.

We believe
in research

We collaborate with universities and research centres in trials for the improvement of cultivations: orientation of hedge-planted olive groves, irrigation monitoring and the presence of pollinating species.

We pamper
our products

We look after every detail, from the tree to the oil mill, to preserve the essence of each olive. We seek the balance to create complex and elegant oils.

We export
our culture

We are a young brand in an area with a long history of oil production. We are proud to continue this tradition and that it is known in over 18 countries.

(*) Extract from “Ode to oil”, in New Elemental Odes, © Pablo Neruda Foundation


En 1986, Francisco Riberas, ya por entonces uno de los más sólidos empresarios españoles, adquiere la finca La Ventilla, en El Carpio de Tajo (Toledo), para comenzar su andadura en el negocio de la agricultura. Pronto imprime su especial carácter a la nueva actividad y a lo largo de los años va ensanchando las lindes de aquella pequeña explotación hasta convertirla en un enorme mosaico de cultivos y aprovechamientos.: